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PayByPhone Online Casinos

It’s not uncommon today to find that more people are choosing to utilize their phones as a way of playing casino games. So, because of this, why wouldn’t there be possible methods of paying through your phone as well? Of course, it hasn’t always been the case that this has been available. Mobile gaming and indeed deposits are quite the modern convenience. Prior to this time, people would simply have to use their home computer for such entertainment.

Today though, there are multiple casinos accepting payments by phone. This offers a quick payment method, allowing you to get involved in the games you want to play. Simply charge the amount you’d like to deposit to your phone bill and then remember to pay it on the stipulated date. So, to find out more about this intriguing casino deposit method, read on.

The PayByPhone Story

Paying funds into an online casino site is something that people were hoping to become available for quite some time. After all, when there’s a game you really want to access at a mobile casino, it can be a bit inconvenient having to find your card out, input the numbers on your screen etc. By being able to charge a deposit to your phone bill, it stands to reason that the process will be quicker. It’s only in the past few years that PayByPhone options have become usable, though.

Various phone providers have started offering this service, too. This means that over 60 countries around the world now allow their users to deposit money to online casinos via their phone bill. For the time being, there isn’t a huge number of online casinos that support this payment method. However, it’s still a growing figure, and you can browse through our recommendations of the best PayByPhone Online Casinos to seek out a good one. These have all been checked for high-quality security and speedy payments.

Making Use of the PayByPhone Option at Online Casinos

While it would be quite natural to believe that visiting a casino’s cashier page would bring up a PayByPhone option, this isn’t actually the case. Instead, it all takes place through a third-party processor. So, you’ll need to watch out for names like Boku or Zimpler, for example. They have risen in their popularity recently, so you’ll find them appearing at more and more platforms for you to make use of as a depositing method.

Of course, they’re still not as popular as using Visa or Mastercard or Skrill for example, but they do provide an appealing alternative. Of course, when choosing an online casino, it’s vital to understand that it first of all offers the PayByPhone option. At the same time, you need to ensure that the processor of the payment works with your mobile phone carrier. Otherwise, there’s little point in trying to use it for depositing purposes.

After completing your account setup, just decide upon the amount that you would like to deposit into the online casino. Enter that into the cashier page, select Boku or Zimpler or whichever processor you’re intending to use, and the transaction will be instant. You can play with those funds and then the deposit will appear on your next phone bill.

The Advantages of PayByPhone

Selecting this option for your depositing method at an online casino comes with its own range of advantages. These include the following:


The vast majority of online casinos can now also be accessed via mobile devices. Whether that be through a downloadable app or by navigating to the site on your handset’s web browser, you’ll still need to deposit. Having a PayByPhone option catering to you makes the ease of playing these games very appealing. Deposits of this nature only take a few seconds to process and you can get to playing slot machines, table games and so on immediately.

Instant Payments

We’re always wanting to deposit our funds into an online casino as quickly as possible. This way, we’re able to start playing the available games straight away. That’s why PayByPhone options are a good route to take, because they ensure the money appears in your casino account instantly. This is one of the major perks of using such services for funding your account.

Increased Security Levels

Because you’re simply charging the deposit to your phone bill, you don’t need to provide any bank details to the casino. Therefore, if you have a bit more of a reluctance to deposit through card or bank transfer due to this, PayByPhone could work out well. It simply transfers the money by adding a charge for it to your bill and that’s it. No other details are exposed to the gaming site.

Helpful with Limits

While this can be both a pro and a con, the lower deposit limits that come with PayByPhone options can be helpful to those who have trouble sticking to a specific limit. So, if you’re trying to manage your bankroll effectively enough, then because you can only deposit $30 through PayByPhone, why wouldn’t you use it to control such?

The Disadvantages of PayByPhone

Of course, while there are some great perks to using PayByPhone at online casinos, the payment method also comes with its downsides. These include:

Lower Deposit Limits

Opting for a PayByPhone method to fund your account means that you won’t be able to transfer huge amounts into your casino account. In fact, in most instances, you won’t be able to send more than $30 to your account per day. While this works great for a swift top-up of funds, anyone who considers themselves a high roller wouldn’t benefit so much from PayByPhone methods.

No Withdrawals Available

It’s one thing to deposit through PayByPhone, but you cannot withdraw through it. Obviously, this would result in some sort of credit being added to your phone bill, and that’s just not a possibility for the time being. In this respect, you’d need to select an alternative payment method for withdrawal purposes.

Limited Countries and Casinos Operating with PayByPhone

At the moment, around 60 countries worldwide provide casino gamers with the possibility of using PayByPhone. And while this is a decent amount, it’s not a great deal. Furthermore, not all phone providers in these countries allow for PayByPhone to be used on their network. So, for the moment, there’s a limited service for a couple of reasons.

Why Should You Play at an Online Casino Offering PayByPhone?

It’s fairly obvious that an online casino incorporating the PayByPhone option into its supported banking methods realizes that more people are playing games by mobile. Therefore, it’s quite helpful to such players to have a simple and effective payment method at their fingertips today. And it comes with its own selection of perks alongside.

The higher level of security is the prime feature that appeals to many people about PayByPhone options. Because you’re not having to provide any sensitive information to the casino in question, you don’t have to worry about a third-party getting their hands on it. Additionally, with the two-factor authentication that is used by most PayByPhone methods, you can benefit from even more security.

We all want to have a secure casino experience, and this starts with the payment method(s) we use. Mobile gamers want to feel just as safe and happy with their chosen payment method as anybody else. Therefore, you can guarantee this is the case when using PayByPhone.

How to Deposit with PayByPhone at Online Casinos

If you do choose to use PayByPhone for funding your casino account, the process you need to go through is a simple one. Of course, you’ll need to locate a trusted casino that supports this method first. Fortunately, if you browse through our collection of the top casino sites providing such, you’ll find a reliable platform. After this, you’ll need to sign up for an account and then proceed to the cashier page. Then, take these steps to process your deposit through successfully:

  1. Once you’re at the cashier page, select one of the PayByPhone options. These can include possibilities like Boku, Payforit, Zimpler and more.
  2. Enter the necessary information requested, including the amount you’d like to deposit and the phone number of your mobile device.
  3. Wait for the confirmation code to be sent to your handset and then input this in the relevant box.
  4. After the payment processes through, you will receive another message to confirm this.
  5. Load the casino’s game lobby up and access the variety of games found within.
  6. Wait for your phone bill to come and be sure to pay it off in time.

Are There Any Fees to Pay When Using PayByPhone?

It’s usually the case that when using PayByPhone, there aren’t any fees attached to such. Of course, it’s always important to check into the terms and conditions of a specific online casino to ensure that this remains the case. Furthermore, for additional back-up, you can check with your phone provider to ensure they don’t charge additional fees for using such a service.

PayByPhone Withdrawals

While deposits through PayByPhone are possible, withdrawals are not available. So, if you do choose to deposit through this method, you will need to select an alternative route to take when it comes to withdrawing funds.

Casino Bonuses Using PayByPhone

You’ll find that most online casinos provide their players with exciting and welcoming bonuses these days. However, while this is the case, there usually aren’t any that are specific to PayByPhone users. Casino bonuses can, of course, assist you with having quite the enhanced experience when playing games. The offers usually cater to players across the board though, rather than to PayByPhone users specifically.

Are PayByPhone Online Casinos Trustworthy?

As gamers, we always want to know that we’re playing games at a trustworthy and reputable online casino. This is especially true if you’re intending to play real money casino titles. Therefore, you should always check into the licensing status of the casino you’re joining. And don’t forget about the security measures that it employs to keep you safe. These should be looked into prior to you signing up for an account.

What’s more, the best route to undertake before joining a casino is to check its reputation out online. See if there have been any negative reviews posted about it by existing players. If these show up in their hundreds, you can usually understand that something is wrong with the platform. Fortunately, you can also browse through the casinos in the list that we have created. These have all been reviewed in full before being recommended and should be 100% safe and reliable.

Utilizing PayByPhone for Gambling

Players opting to use PayByPhone for their gambling activity can expect to benefit from a convenient and secure method. This is especially helpful if you’re a mobile gamer, rather than someone who spends a lot of time at your home computer playing games. It’s easy to setup, allows for instant deposits to take place and you can enjoy increased levels of security, too. This affords you the ability to access the range of real money games swiftly.

It’s imperative to remember that PayByPhone only caters to your deposits, though. So, you will need to select something alternative for withdrawing money from your casino account.

PayByPhone FAQs

If you’re still wanting to get more information about the PayByPhone method, you can see the frequently asked queries from readers below.

  1. How do I know that my PayByPhone deposit is safe? It’s a safe method to use for depositing money into your casino account as you’re not required to reveal any personal banking data. Therefore, you remain largely anonymous with such a deposit.
  2. Does it cost me anything extra to use PayByPhone for depositing? It’s usually always the case that PayByPhone transactions are free to complete. It’s always relevant to check into any fees that a casino may add to deposits in general, though. And check into the situation of PayByPhone with your phone provider, too.
  3. Can this payment method be used in all countries around the world? As of the moment, PayByPhone can be used by gamers from around 60 countries in the world. Of course, this is likely to continue growing as the number of mobile gamers continues increasing.